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Item No. 3595003
Item Name X-631 Wheel Aligner
Item Price US$5500
Weight 250000 Gram
Quantity 100 PCS in stock now!
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Introduction for X-631 Wheel Aligner
Fast, simple, profitable, the 8-CCD sensor Wheel Aligner from Launch, wireless data transfer with bluetooth technology or 433 MHz radio module.
Descriptions for X-631 Wheel Aligner

Note: This item is large in volume and heavy in weight, you must choose ocean shipping method.



This item included 4 packages, volume / weight as follows:

A: 768*742*1780 cm / 134 kg

B: 1230*935*755 cm / 132 kg

C: 1922*852*552 cm / 160 kg

D: 2636*540*500 cm / 95 kg




Professional, Reliable, Affordable


* Professionel

20 degree CCD Camera

6 meter wheel base

8 toe sensors

Fast radio data transfer

* Time saving features

Standard measurement

Fast test, short overview of toe, camber, thrust angle in a second

Additional test, for accident cars

Lower car function, no need for lowering clamps

Customer defined car data base

* Reliable

Solid constructions of sensor heads

Water protected

Standard batteries

Standard high quality Pc

Self centring clamps, optional adapters for Aluminium rims available

Cable free measurement, removes hassle for broken cables

* Affordable

Unbeatable price / performance ratio

Designed for long time use

* Target customer

Car manufacturer workshops, Independent Workshop or tire service shop with a high amount of wheel alignments.

Professional, reliable and affordable equipment is needed.


X-631, the wheel alignment system for passenger cars and light trucks up to 6m wheel base measurement.

Wheel Alignment measurement is done with 8 CCD Cameras, 4 camber inclinometer, 4 KPI inclinometer and fast 433 MHz radio data transfer between sensor heads and cabinet. The 20 degree CCD camera technology allows precise wireless measurement.

The robust aluminium casting frame guarantees the precise measurement for long time. The batteries are capable for one day working without recharging.

The software, a complete bundle of programme and target data, is easy to use and contain nearly all kind of cars worldwide.

All this together makes this wheel aligner X-631, to one of the best product worldwide.



* Sensor Head:

Aluminium casting frame

20°toe CCD Camera

Camber, Caster inclination senser

LCD Display

Smart keys

Replaceable without calibration

* Programme:




Zoom function

Lifted position adjustment

Self check

* Target Data:

X-large car Database

Customer Database

Adjustment pictures



Item Range

Front total toe-in ±40°

Front toe-in ±20°

Front camber ±8.0°

Caster ±20°

Kingpin Inclination ±20°

Rear total toe-in ±40°

Rear toe-in ±20°

rear camber ±8.0°

Thrust angle ±5.0°

Requirements on Surroundings:

Ambient temperature: -10~50°C

Relative humidity: <85%

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Video for X-631 Wheel Aligner

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Software for X-631 Wheel Aligner

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Documents for X-631 Wheel Aligner

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Configuration for X-631 Wheel Aligner

F.A.Q for X-631 Wheel Aligner

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Comments for X-631 Wheel Aligner

    by daniel82, 05:59:00, 2015-7-21
manual de configuracion del software del del equipo X-631 Wheel Aligner

Replied, by admin, at 17:00:00, 2015-7-27

dear friend , you need to download the software by your self.
login, and you have the Serial number, that you can download it.
if also have problems, you can contact with our online customer personal.
have a nice day

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