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Item No. 3530210
Item Name Tuirel S777 Auto Diagnostic Tool
Item Price US$601.97
Weight 900 Gram
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Introduction for Tuirel S777 Auto Diagnostic Tool
Tuirel S777 is a hand-held auto scanner that can help you trouble-shoots ALL the electronic systems of your vehicle efficiently, it's much more than an OBDII scanner with multifunction, it approaches and competes with professional auto diagnostic tools. It integrates the needs of DIY users and professionals with selectable vehicle software and high frequency of update.
Descriptions for Tuirel S777 Auto Diagnostic Tool

Tuirel S777 Auto Diagnostic Tool



1. S777 With total 46 car software which you can download from office website

2. Update Online

3. Support Multi-Languages:English/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Serbian/ Farsi/ German/ Italian/Swedish/ Arabic/ French/ Greece/ Deutch/ Korean/Czech/  Russian/ Turkish/ Japanese

Tuirel S777 Vehicle List: 


Fiat/ Lancia/ Alfa/ Romeo/ Benz/ Audi/BMW/ VW/ Skoda/ Volvo/ Opel/ Renault/ Citroen/ Peugeot/ Land Rover/ Smart/ Seat/ Saab/ Vauxhall/ Sprinter/ Jaguar/ Rover/ Porsche/ Euro Ford/ MG/Roewe 


Honda/ Suzuki/ Subaru/ Toyota/ Daihatsu/ Mitsubishi/ Mazda/ Nissan/ Kia/ Hyundai/ Daewoo/Isuzu/ Maruti/ Mahindra/ Tata/ Golden/ Dragon/ Lifan/ Ssangyong/ Brilliance/ Chery/ Great Wall/ Perodua/ Proton/ HaFei/ Geely/ Chang an/ Changhe/ BYD/ SH/ GM/ Wuling/ Tailand Isuzu/ Indonesia Suzuki/ Indonesia Daihatsu

USA: GM/ Chrysler/ US Ford/ Chevrolet  

Tuirel S777 Features:

1. Read and clear codes on ALL electronic systems.

2. Multifunctional capability includes reading DataStream (Data waviness),  Adaptation,  Key Programming,  Actuation,  ECU programming,  Injector programming,  Turns off MILs of engine,  airbag,  ABS,  A/T and most other systems,  Resets Oil Service Light,  Service mileage and service intervals,  Replaces and recalibrates brake pads safely etc.

3. Supports all OBD II protocols,  Can (Controller Area Network) and all test modes including Read Codes,  Erase Codes,  Freeze Frame,  I/M Readiness,  O2 Mon.Test,  On-Board Mon.Test,  Component Test and Vehicle Information.

4. Vehicles before 1996 can be diagnosed.

5. Faster and stable diagnostic speed with unique new platform.

6. High frequency of update up to professional auto diagnostic tools

7. High definition touch display provides high sensitivity with screen locking/unlocking function.

8. Capture,  save and print screenshots for convenient troubleshooting.

9. Support mass storage SD card.

10. Compact and attractive housing with protective rubber case makes it more durable and impact-free.

Tuirel S777 Functions:

1. Communication test of CAN-BUS and K communication cable. Support following protocols: PWM,  VPW,  KWP2000,  ISO9141,  CAN-BUS

2. Basic Function:

1) Read ECU information

2) Read trouble code

3) Clear trouble code

4) Read DataStream

5) Component test

Package Including:

1pc * Tuirel S777 Interface

1pc * Tuirel S777 OBD2 Connector

1pc * SD Card

1pc * USB Cable

1pc * Stylus

1pc * Screen Protector

1pc * User's Manual

Package size: 23cm*17cm*7cm

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Comments for Tuirel S777 Auto Diagnostic Tool

    by nandkishor, 16:13:00, 2015-1-17
up to which year and month , the indian car like TATA,MAHINDRA,MARUTI software included

Replied, by admin, at 15:17:00, 2015-1-19

yes. Tuirel S777 support Indian cars like TATA,MAHINDRA,MARUTI. current software version is 2014.3

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