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EIS testing Key (MB)
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Mercedes-Benz EIS testing function and manual

(1) EIS ignition switch computer of Mercedes-Benz is one which of computers easiest to damage , its establishment unreasonable mainly presents the breakdown for the following several spots 

1,   If the key into the ignition switch  computer for a long time does not start car, opening the door  while the light wear on always then the battery wear slowly . The battery voltage below 8 volts is the most likely to cause data loss

2, when Car does not have enough power, or while plus power for charging the battery, please do not start the car. If battery clamp in bad contact, starting car may lead to data loss easily.

3,  CPU Motorola chips of EIS ignition switch computer instability or aging, likely to cause the EIS ignition switch computer on and off, or completely not start car.

(2) How to identify Mercedes-Benz EIS  ignition switch computers damage, or loss of key data, There are many Master Electrician of the electrical repair shop can not repair it when they face  this problem, as shown first using simple method can identify malfunction  without any equipment 

1,   Insert the Mercedes-Benz EIS test key into the ignition switch, if indicator light will glow (about 3-6 seconds), indicating that the EIS ignition switch  computer working properly, then open the gates with the original car keys, if it can not start the car, then proved that the key lost data . With the addition of a spare key maybe can start the car.

2, Insert the Mercedes-Benz EIS test key into the ignition switch, if the indicator light does not light, indicating EIS ignition switch computer is damaged.  EIS ignition switch computers can be repaired, the cause of damaged generally is Motorola CPU computer chip of EIS ignition instability or aging. Replace the CPU or modify part of the data then the problem will be solved.

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